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Haikyuu Manga Ends!

It is one of my personal anime favorites and its manga finally ends.  I would admit that I am not much of a Manga reader but I love this anime.  Among the characters, I really like Nishinoya and well I got a bit of crush on him.  So, HAIKYUU ENDS with its last chapter, 402.

Chapter 402 of Haikyuu Manga could be more epic since the original plan was to coincide it with the Tokyo Olympics, however, with the pandemic things got crazy.  If there was no COVID-19, the final chapter would have coincided at the start of the Tokyo Olympics.

I would not reveal what's in the final arch and what I am sure of is that it will be as epic as every chapter of the Manga.  For me, I cannot wait for 2nd Season of Season 4 of the anime.  Every episode of Haikyuu anime is exciting and heart pounding.

Season 4's second season is set to premier October 20 and hopefully Netflix will make it available by that type.

If you are a fan of this volleyball anime, you can use the hashtag #ThankYouHaikyuu to show your love for this great anime.

Have you watched the anime or read the manga?  What do you think?


David Shen D'Angelo

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