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Gundam Wing and Code Geas Crossover

Your two favorite anime will now have a crossover.  It is finally happening.  Mobile Suit: Gundam Wing and Code Geas will officially class into one another.  Who will be the better mech?

Gundam Wing and Code Geas Crossover

Super Robot Wars DD has officially released a trailer and a new poster showing both Lelouch and Heero.  This seems to be questionable but the fact is, it is really happening.

Super Robot Wars DD was released last year, incorporating a lot of different anime franchises into the mix for players to interact with and battle against one another. The likes of Evangelion, Devilman, and Full Metal Panic are just a few of the big-name anime series that have been a part of the mobile game over the course of its several month histories.

Now, with this new crossover event underway, fans can expect to get their own Wing Gundam Zero Rebellion!

Original Source: https://comicbook.com/anime/2020/02/21/gundam-wing-code-geass-crossover-event-robot-wars/


David Shen D'Angelo

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