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What Happened to the Valenzuela Cosplay at the Park (A Perspective)

I am not keen on writing about a story regarding the recently concluded Valenzuela Cosplay at the Park, but here I am writing about it.  Being a Libra, I am an objective person and I listen to every individual regarding the issue.  The saddest part of this is the fact that I am a Valenzuelano and it rips my heart to hear all the negativities.

Christian Umali and War Machine

Before the event even started, I think a few weeks ago, I told Christian to change costume even though he says that he is entering a new version.  I told him, it will still be War Machine and it might be a big issue.

He pursued his entry as War Machine, he was allowed to compete and he won.  The rule specifically said that "costumes used in 2018 are disqualified." If we become objective this means that since he entered a new and modified costume, therefore he is allowed to compete.  Thus, in conclusion, there is no issue of War Machine winning the competition.

A formed judge joining the competition

Again, it is all within the realm of the organizers whether to allow it or not.  There is no rule prohibiting such, therefore, he cannot be blamed for joining.  It is within the prerogative of the cosplayer and the organizer whether they consider it fair or not.

Blank Scoresheets

According to one of the judges, Devon Lozaire, since he sent me a private messaged and explained this, there is one cosplayer who decided to submit an original costume.  Since everyone is allowed to participate without pre-judging, the contestant is allowed to be on stage.

The judges seeing that it is a custom or original character decided not to put any score for the particular cosplayer.  This decision, I think is fair and just.

Cooking Contest Allegation

According to Devon, the judges are well capable of judging and are very objective.  He is one of the judges and knowing him from his previous stint as our judge he is indeed fair and objective.  The other judges are Kobi Janairo, a professional photographer, and Marco Villaluz, Philippines GICOF representative.

Walang noob judge dito. - Devon

I would agree with Devon that indeed there are no noob judges among them and it would be highly unlikely that there would be cheating or connivance.

I do not personally know the judges nor their experience except for Devon who had already judged in our event and I can vouch for his objectivity.  In some of the feedback and posts, there are allegations of favoritism in scoring and links to previous events.  The organizers should verify this and check if there is indeed favoritism and unfair judging.

Improvements in Other Aspects

In fairness to the organizer of the Valenzuela Cosplay at the Park compared to last year where we experienced a hell-like temperature, this year was better.  According to Devon, the cosplayers were moved to a holding area near the City Hall which is airconditioned.  I believe that this is the same holding area we had in 2017.

As regards to the BGM, the head organizer themselves told me personally during an accidental meetup that it was a copyright issue which had prevented them from using custom BGM music. This is something that is in the gray area and since they are from the government it would be a lot stricter.

Suggestion for Improvement

I believe that Valenzuela Cosplay At The Park is still one of the best cosplay events organized by a government entity.  The program was good and the execution was good.  As in any other event not everything is perfect and for me instead of us pulling it down why not help the event become better.  I told myself, I do not care anymore and I would not support it but it seems that is a defeating and crab mentality attitude that I cannot afford to do.

  • Give chance to others. As for the rules, why not totally ban winners of the previous years from participating all together?  They can join again after 2 years.  This will give a chance for others to showcase their cosplays and win. They can also ban the CHAMPION only from joining the competition again in the same category if the aim is to really give a chance to more cosplayers.
  • Listen to Feedback.  There is various feedback from the community.  Read them and analyze them very well.  Some of this feedback may include those handling the event or judging the event.  Verify all feedback before concluding.
  • Cosplay and Cosplayer Appreciation.  Make it a point to always put the welfare of cosplayers.  The presentation should always promote the hobby, the cosplayer and the character they are cosplaying.  If possible announce the name and character they are cosplaying.  If possible allow them to submit BGM.

In the end, the organizer has the final say on everything and whether we like it or not it is their event.  We can either respect it and support it, or just not participate.

I hope that in some way, this had been helpful to everyone.

Do you have additional comments, suggestions, and feedbacks?  Post it in the comments below.


David Shen D'Angelo

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  1. totally agree with you on the first suggestion about repeat champions entering.


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