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Manga Review: Tatoe Hai ni Natte mo (Though You May Burn to Ash)

Looking for another gore/torture/brutal genre manga? Well, Tatoe Hai Ni Natte Mo (Though You May Burn to Ash) will give you a brutal thrill ride in just one sitting. It is an on-going manga with 56 chapters. The story, and art by Oniyazu Kakashi. 

The story revolves around Ryouma Shinomiya, who is frustrated to raise a billion yen for his sister's treatment. A mysterious woman offers him a way to earn the amount of money he needs. That led him to wake up in a girl's body wherein "he" will be participating in the "GAME" where winning means surviving for the prize, while losing leads to death in a gruesome way.

The storyline is not as complicated and not so dramatic like any other manga that has a gore genre, instead, this manga will be leaving you questions like "WHAT!", "oh no", "WHY?", it feels like you are also playing the "game" in a different way. Gore fans out there will definitely feel the pain of each character as they play the "GAME". Illustrations were defined and very realistic as you go along in each chapter. 

The only issue I encountered while reading this manga is the dull explanation of the instructions or rules of each "game". BUT it's no big deal if you skipped that part, because the illustrations of this manga will give you an idea of how the "game" is being played by the characters. Aside from being a gore genre, it is also an explicit ecchi illustration. 

Here's a sneak peek page of a chapter of the manga. For sure,  manga readers out there will definitely fall in love with the psychological, mental plot twists and turns of the story. 

The creator of this manga Oniyazu Kakashi, has already passed away (according to http://neotokyo2099.com/2019/02/27/tatoe-hai-ni-natte-mo-mangaka-oniyazu-kakashi-passed-away/) due to heart problems. But editors of this manga are still working to continue Oniyazu's one of a kind masterpiece.  

Enjoy reading!



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