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Our next cosplayer profile is a crafter/tailor, he make is own costumes, also a stage performer  and competitor in cosplay competitions. His dream is to compete in other country and represent Philippines someday. Meet Ej Quintos aspiring cosplayer from Binangonan, Rizal.

Introducing Ej Quintos

Real Name: Ej Quintos

Age: 25

Why do you cosplay?

To express my talent and to inspire everyone, escape reality and enjoy my life.

When did you start cosplaying?


What inspired you to cosplay?

My friend did cosplay before. I don't have confidence to walk around wearing a costume in front of many people, but she lifts me up when I was a newbie.

What characters have you cosplayed?

  • Sasuke Uchiha, 
  • 3 versions of Gaara
  • Sasori
  • Light Yagami
  • Edward Elric
  • Genos
  • Rentao
  • Sekiro
  • and many more.

What is your best experience in cosplaying?

I became confident, having many friends, winning many competitions, learn how to make my own costumes, and some persons say that I inspires them.

Any future plans or dream?

My future plans are Project Yasuo of League of Legends, Gundam Exia, any mecha or armor characters that having a sword and my dream cosplay is... Hentai Kamen (I’m serious).

What is your message to other cosplayers?

Just be yourself, do what you want to cosplay to make you happy, and always be humble even if you become famous in cosplay community.

Here a video performance of EJ Quintos

Please follow and be updated about Ej through his digital platforms at the following links:

Facebook account: https://www.facebook.com/ej.quintos02

We are also encouraging other cosplayers to submit and be part of Cosplayer Profiles. Submit HERE your Cosplay Profile.


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