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Kamen Rider Zi-O's official poster, showing and commemorating all of the Heisei Riders to date, a perfect way to say thank you to all the Heisei Kamen Riders.

Zi-O has finally ended.

With the world reset, the Second Rider War has finally ended and everyone has gotten their peaceful life back.

The World of Heisei has finally come to an end. With the events that had happened with Sougo finally being the King, the future of Ohma Zi-O has finally disappeared and a peaceful future comes ahead.

Kamen Rider Zi-O: Is The Story Done?

As for me, the story doesn't end here.

As Sougo may have forgotten being the King of Heisei, this is only temporary and he will regain all his memories again. His time as King is not yet finished as with the same as Tsukasa Kadoya's mission as the Dimension Traveler. The show was a complete success for me, the way the commemoration arcs took place was astounding. Each Rider was given the most of their respective Tributes perfectly, with Decade having the most tributes (Decade Season 2 as fans would call it //laughs) as his story was not concluded properly. But with Zi-O making his character recurring, his story was ended for Heisei on a high note.

Kamen Rider Zi-O shows what Heisei was all about: an impossible possibility. Imagine having a hiatus of 6 years from the Showa era—notably Kamen Rider J—before Heisei was aired and became a huge hit. A planned project that was supposedly only to be in the works before it finally became reality. Zi-O showed us that anything is possible if only one trusts their gut and beliefs. Heisei taught us how things will finally go on from here as the era has finally ended.

More to Come

Thus as a tribute, I will make a commemoration post about all of the Heisei Riders from Kuuga to Zi-O respectively. But those will come in soon.

For now, its time for us to bid farewell to Heisei and thank them for 20 awesome Riders and stories. And its time for us to finally welcome in the Reiwa era with the new Kamen Rider, the first of his generation: Kamen Rider Zero-One.

The first Riders of their era respectively: Kamen Rider Ichigo (Showa, 1971), Kamen Rider Kuuga (Heisei, 2000) and the new Kamen Rider, Zero-One (Reiwa, 2019)



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