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Become a Geneiryodan or Hunter in Real Life!

Have you watched Hunter X Hunter?  Did you ever want to be a Geneiryodan or a Hunter in real life?  Well if you have and you think there is no way for that to become a reality, then think again.  There is a Geneiryodan/Hunter Association in real life and we will share it with you.

How do you become a Hunter/Geneiryodan?

An organization established in 2002 actually patterned its formation and inspiration from Hunter X Hunter.  Brotherhood of Destiny (BROOD) even has a set of 13 Council officers which is derived from the 13 core members of Geneiryodan.

BROOD is a national and international organization whose principles are built on collectivism and serves, helps, and protects its members, their families and the society by means of its advocacies, projects and programs.

The Hunter Exam

In order to join the organization, you have to attend a CAMP which is patterned after Hunter X Hunter's "Hunter Exam."

You have to pass certain requirements and an initiation process which would introduce you to the 7 virtues that we uphold.  All of their membership process is well planned out and does not have hazing in it.

We are a FRATERNITY.  We are a BROTHERHOOD.  We are a FAMILY.  BROOD combines the concept of various organizations in order to form a new type which greatly values one another. – www.brotherhoodofdestiny.com.

If you want to join, they have an upcoming camp on December 13–15, 2019.  You can CLICK THIS BROOD CAMP LINK for more information and to register.

If you want to be a Geneiryodan and a Hunter in real life then this is an organization to join.  Join their advocacies which include among others the protection of the environment, foster cultural heritage as well as the arts, empower the youth and promote political and social awareness.


David Shen D'Angelo

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