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Review: DX Hiden Zero-One Driver

With every Kamen Rider series, the most iconic is their transformation belts or "Drivers." It has always been a common theme of each Rider, primary or not, that they transform using their respective Drivers and trinkets.

The new rider, Kamen Rider Zero-One, is no exception. Just a week before the release of the first episode, Bandai released the DX Hiden Zero-One Driver, Kamen Rider Zero-One's transformation device.

The set comes in with the DX Driver itself, the belt straps, the belt lock, and the DX Rising Hopper Progrise Key—Zero-One's default form. Below is a video of the driver in action:

The Progrise Key looks astounding, with the design of the Grasshopper looking so bionic, it just shows you how into the future we are about to get. The Driver looks so futuristic that it almost looks like a signal for aliens to come in. The Black and Neon Yellow Green color of the Driver gives it an edgy appearance, added with the Chromish silver and red, it just goes to show the beauty of the Driver. For me, I haven't been so hooked up on a driver this good-looking since the Gamer Driver of Kamen Rider Ex-Aid.

On an ending note, the DX Hiden Zero-One Driver is a must-get for the aspiring Kamen Rider toy collector, whether you like Reiwa or not.



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