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How to Deal with Bullies and Toxic in the Cosplay Community

What should you do in case you experience bullying, bashing, or toxicity in the Cosplay Community?  Should you reply to the bully on social media?  Should you just ignore them?  Here are some things which you can do.

Analyze the Situation

Bullying is rampant and recently there have been many incidences of this kind in the cosplay community.  You might find yourself being accused of something you did not do, or you might be suddenly in a situation where someone has misinterpreted you.

Analyzing the situation means that you should put into consideration all the circumstances of the incident:

  • Why are you being bullied?
  • Check out all the related posts and screenshot them.
  • Think if you have done anything wrong.
  • Consult friends or family for your course of action.
It is always not advisable to react based on your emotions at the moment because it might result in doing something drastic and might be bad in the end.

What to do in case of Bullying ?

What should you do in case someone bullies you or you encounter a toxic person?

During Conventions
  • Ignore the person
  • Report to the event organizer or the security personnel
  • Do not engage in a fight
In Social Media
  • Screenshot the posts or message
  • Report the post on social media to their support team
  • In case of any threat inform your family and friends
  • File a complaint with the proper authorities 
For additional reference, read this article "MUST READ: What to Do If You Felt Harassed During Conventions?".

Do you have more tips in how to deal with bullies and toxicity in the community?  Let us know through the comment section below.

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