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Team Z Warriors to Represent Philippines in South Korea

Sergio Sta. Ana and Winn Evangelista of Z Warriors will be representing the cosplay community in the Philippines for the championship finals of GICOF in Bucheon Gyeonggi-do, South Korea.

These two veteran cosplayers will be officially representing the Philippines and will raise our country's flag! They are giving all their best to prepare and to bring home the glory to our country. πŸ‡΅πŸ‡­.

Sergio Sta. Ana is a former representative of the WCS Philippines 2018 and has also proven to be an outstanding crafter and cosplayer.  Meanwhile, Winnie is a very experienced cosplayer, especially when it comes to skit and making that facial expression which makes you feel the character realistically.

Photo from Arkadymac.com

GICOF is the official event partner of ACX, and it is one of the biggest international cosplay competitions in the world where cosplayers from Korea and abroad compete for huge prizes.  It has become a huge event hosted alongside the Bucheon International Comics Festival.    And this year, TORCH Reborn was the stage where the Philippine Representatives to the Gicof Final in Bucheon, South Korea was to be selected. 

Two Philippine Representatives?

You would be surprised that there are actually two Philippine representatives, although the other one is an official representative of Singapore.  Abraham (won as second place in Manila Qualifiers) together with Marko (one of the judges in the Manila Qualifiers) who were both surprisingly fortunate enough to get 1st place in the Singapore Qualifiers thus will represent Singapore in the finals.

This will indeed be an exciting competition and we wish all the cosplayers good luck during the finals and the event happening from August 14-18, 2019.  For more details please visit GICOF Philippines.

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