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During the past couple of days I have been seeing anime characters in the Facebook posts of Minute Burger and was wondering if this was even legal.  Did they get the license for commercially using the anime characters and even altering the title and the image?

The advertisement and Facebook post above for example uses the characters from Fushigi Yuugi and even an available online poster of the anime was reworked.  Minute Burger also changed the title to Fusisig Yuugi.  Is this even allowed?  Just wondering guys.

Copyright Infringement in the Minute Burger Anime Ads?

Is there a copyright infringement in the ads being released by Minute Burger especially since it is being done for commercial use?  Personally, I am happy that I can see some of my favorite anime being immortalized by the popular burger stand but that question keeps popping out of my mind.

Check out some of the other advertisements that they have used below.  What do you think?  Do you approve of it or do you think something should be done about it?

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