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Lupin III Creator Passes Away

We mourn together with everyone in the Anime industry as we here the news of the passing of Lupin III creator Monkey Punch.  He is Kazuhiko Kato in real life and brought us to life the funny and charismatic character Lupin the Third.

Lupin III as One of the Most Popular Animes

Despite being an old anime, Lupin III remains one of the most popular.  This anime tells the story of Arsene Lupin III and his adventures as the world’s greatest thief. Determined to steal various treasures, Lupin works with a team of allies during his missions, but they are always closely tailed by inspector Koichi Zenigata from Interpol.

Lupin III stats its publication in August 1967 and run for two years.  There was a follow up in June 1977 and over the years it was rewarded with sequels and movies.  In 2018, a brand-new Lupin the Third anime series debuted, and fans praised its referential humor and colorful action.


Monkey Punch is indeed gone but his work will forever be remembered.  His work on Lupin III made it such a phenomenon until today.  The artist was always interested in manga from a young age, and he began working professionally in the industry in the early 1960s. By 1976, Lupin the Third was ready to go live, and Punch worked on other projects outside the series through the 2000s.

We will surely miss him.

Have you watched Lupin III?  What do you think about the anime?

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