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COSPLAYER PROFILES: Cian-kun.  Cosplaying in the Philippines is now mainstream and we owe it to almost a hundred events a year across the Philippines.  Let us introduce to you one of our cosplayers in the country, Cian-kun.

Cian-kun and Cosplaying

I cosplay because i want to meet new friends 
Indeed, by cosplaying you will meet tons of new friends.  It is like becoming the character that you like and you can enjoy it with friends or with new acquaintances.  Pinoy Otaku Festival (POF) is what inspired Cian-kun to start cosplaying.  

"Attending my 1st convention POF 2016 and take a picture with some cosplayers," he said. His first cosplay was in October 2016.

Among the character that he already cosplayed include Glenn Radars, and MumenRider.  According to him the best experience that he has when cosplaying is the fact that by joining cosplay competition, he makes people happy.

Future Plans in Cosplay for Cian-kun

In the future, Cian-kun plans to cosplay Inuzukua Romeo of Boarding School Juliet and Rikimaru of Tenchu 2.  

Stop being judgemental and help the other newbie Cosplayers

He might not be the most experience cosplayer but when it comes to having fun and attending conventions as well as joining competitions, Cian-kun is a true blooded cosplayer.

You can connect with him via his FACEBOOK ACCOUNT.



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