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Meet this Dragon Ball Artist - TJ Sarvida

Have you seen some epic drawings from anime lately?  Let us introduce you to a close friend of ours, TJ Sarvida and his amazing Dragon Ball drawings.  I would not say much because I want you guys to be the judge of his various amazing works.  Damn, did I just say amazing?  Well, the truth is they are amazing.

Super Saiyan 5 vs Super Saiyan God

This is one of the most amazing Dragon Ball drawing that he made.  I can't help but notice the amazing details and effort that he put into this.  What do you think of it?

 Majin Vegeta

Here is another amazing Dragon Ball drawing from TJ Sarvida.  I understand that this character is somewhat a mashup of Vegeta but the Majinbuu version clearly stands out.

Dragonball Super Broly

Here is another work that TJ shares with us.  Again, for us it is another cool art work.

Dragon Ball Super Gogeta

If you watched the latest movie, Dragon Ball Super Broly, then you will surely recognize this one.

How were the drawings?  What do you think of them?

If you want to follow this great artist who is also a lead vocalist, by the way, please follow his Facebook page.

Disclaimer:  All images here are the property of TJ Sarvida and this feature is made with prior consent.  No image here can be republished, downloaded or used for any type of use of reproduction without the prior consent of the owner.

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