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Broly is Alone, Ask Vic Mignogna

Kameha Con, one of the very few Dragon Ball theme conventions becomes controversial after multiple guests decide to cancel their appearance because of Broly.  The legendary Syajin seems to have a very bad reputation at the convention but why?  Well, you should ask Vic Mignogna and his actions.

Vic Mignogna and Sexual Assault

According to a news article released by Anime News Network, it seems that Vic Mignogna who voices Broly in the latest Dragon Ball Super movie is famous for his moves.  Yes, he is reported to have been making sexual advances to various female co-stars and acquaintances.

Voice actress Monica Rial posted a message on her Twitter account on Tuesday describing her past encounters with voice actor Vic Mignogna, saying that Mignogna would "take a fist full of my hair, pull my head back, and either whisper so closely to my ear that his lips were touching or kiss my cheek/neck," every time he saw Rial. These actions are similar to the actions that fellow voice actress Jamie Marchi accused Mignogna of doing to her. Rial added that she and others have witnessed Mignogna performing the same actions to both colleagues and fans. - Anime News Network
It seems that Broly is quite a real-life nuisance right?

Kameha Con Suffers the Consequences

Kameha Con which will be April 12-14 at the Irving Convention Center is already feeling the consequences of inviting Vic Mignogna.  Here is the list of those who had already canceled their appearance at the event:

  • Voice actor Monica Rial (Bulma)
  • Voice actor Daman Mills (Frieza understudy)
  • Voice actor Jason Douglas (Beerus)
  • Voice actor Josh Grelle (Grand Minister) 
  • creator Ken (Dragon Ball LITERATURE)
  • Voice actress Sarah Wiedenheft (King Zen-Oh)
For the latest update on this developing story please visit Anime News Network.

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