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Pinoy Otaku Festival (POF) confirms Robinsons Novaliches as 2019 venue

Pinoy Otaku Festival (POF) the annual event of Naruto Cosplayers PH (NCPH) and Red Cloud Interactive finally confirms the event venue for POF 2019 Asobu.  This year, according to initial reports the event will be at the Robinsons Novaliches Trade Hall (pending official announcement),

Why Robinsons Novaliches Trade Hall? 

Pinoy Otaku Festival (POF) from its humble beginning in 2011 (Pinoy Otaku Encore) grows out to become one of the biggest pop culture events not only in Metro Manila but in the Philippines.  Last years event brings 7,000 people together in a 2-day of fun and excitement.

The decision to change the venue came about because of 2 main reasons:

  1. The previous venue can no longer accommodate the size of the crowd and the number of exhibitors who want to participate; and
  2. POF cannot afford the cost of the charge of the venue and deems it inappropriate to pass the cost to attendees.
Robinsons Novaliches Trade Hall is a spacious venue with more than 1,000 square meters of floor space.  It has a stage setup already and an entrance which is very ideal for convention type events.


We have to pay for more costs this year, including LED Wall, sound system, and more.  That is why there will be changes to the event. Despite the changes we will have, this is definitely a bigger venue for us. - David D'Angelo, POF 2019 Event Head

POF 2019: Asobu Event Changes

So, what are the changes for Pinoy Otaku Festival (POF) 2019: Asobu?  Here are some of the changes that we are anticipating so far:

  • Event Date.  The event will now be 3 days, with the first day starting on May 17 (Friday) and then ending on May 19 (Sunday).  It will be the first time that POF will be having a format just like other big conventions.
  • Entrance Fee.  The event will have an entrance fee of Php100.00.  The fee will be used to augment the expenses of the event which include sound and lights systems, logistics, food, staff fees and more.
  • Number of Exhibitors.  Since the venue will be larger, we can expect more exhibitors to participate for POF 2019: Asobu

POF 2019: Event Highlights

According to initial posts here are some of the highlights for Pinoy Otaku Festival 2019:
  • Otaku Choice Awards (OCA) 2019 - Awarding of the Otaku Choice Awards 2019 winners. (To nominate click here)
  • Cosplay Party - party in costume (even in your own original style) and dance to your favorite anime music. 
  • POF Bandslam 2019 – search for the next JPop/JRock cover group.
  • Sing Rumble! - 30 contestants... No audition needed!!! Just show yourself onstage. 
  • Anime Game Challenge - get your group and organization to participate in our group challenges.
    • 1. Who Wants to be the Ultimate Otaku
    • 2. Anime Feud
    • 3. Deal of No Deal
    • 4. The Singing Bee
    • 5. Name That Tune
  • Cosplay Championship League Grand Battle – a new cosplay competition with divisions for newbies and veterans.
  • Fantasm: Inter-School – this is an inter-school cosplay competition.
  • Otaku SingTunado - do you love to sing songs to your favorite anime, movie, etc then this is the chance for you because we do not mind if you are not in tune just perform well and we will appreciate it. Get ready because we will call a random attendee to join us on stage.
  • Game Booths - play games in our various booths where we will offer interactive fun. (These may not be pure Japanese games but our aim is to have our own brand of fun).
  • Animazing Race – if you have a ticket for the event then you can be part of this.  A random attendee will be invited to compete challenges made by our selected sponsors for the chance to win exciting items.
  • Otaku Bazaar – booths and sponsors exhibiting games, fashion and more. They will be allowed to promote and sell during the event.
  • Panel Discussion – due to the success of panel discussions last year, we are aiming to bring another line-up this year.
  • On-the-Spot Comics Making Contest

For more information regarding POF 2019: Asobu please visit the following:
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