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FurryPinas 2019: Fun in the Sun

FurryPinas 2019: Fun in the Sun is a follow-up to the most unique and biggest Furry convention in Asia last year.  This event gather enthusiasts of the Furry hobby as well as collectors of related hobbies in one venue.  This time the theme is all about summer and we are sure it will be another hit and unique event that you should not miss,

The Biggest Furry Convention in Asia

FurryPinas became the biggest furry convention in Asia when more than 2,000 participants attended its debut event in 2018.  It is the official annual event for the furry hobby, community and culture in the Philippines.

Although, the furry hobby is not as big as the usual genre that you see in a convention, the organizers want to provide an identity to the furry community.  This identity is achieved by providing them a home where they can express their talents and thrive in their skills, businesses, and passion and making the furry hobby, community, and culture accessible and relatable to anyone.

FurryPinas welcome all sort of forms of the furry hobby – be it in the form of fursuiting, arts, cosplaying, music, games, toys, anime, movies, shows, literature, and anything people can imagine of!

FurryPinas 2019: Fun in the Sun is an event full of fun, excitement, and engagement.  If last year's event was a blast, surely thus year will be better.

FurryPinas 2019: Fun in the Sun

FurryPinas 2019: Fun in the Sun will be on June 8-9 at Bayanihan Center, 8008 Pioneer St., Pasig City, Metro Manila, Philippines.  It will be from 10:00AM to 8:00PM.  The event is supported by over 50 partners like sponsors, media, indies, booths, and many more.

Ticket Information for FurryPinas 2019

If you would like to grow your business, find new customers, discover new markets, achieve better brand presence, or any collaborative idea that you can think of with us, feel free to email us at partnerships@furrypinas.com or visit www.furrypinas.com..

What will happen at FurryPinas 2019: Fun in the Sun?

Talks & Panels.  Series of talks and seminars such as visual arts, literature, music, performing arts, sciences, history, and other stuff!

Market Area. Indies, businesses, and other companies showcase their works and products, giving you a wide range of choices for you to shop. Commissions, merchandises, and many more.

Shows & Activities. Dances, talent shows, and performances in the event to keep you entertained and at the same time showcasing the different talents of the community.

Charity. Charity is always part of the community. Fundraising programs and activities will give you the opportunity to raise funds and contribute to the charity.

Gaming Area. We have a section for attendees to have a big selection of games. Attendees will be guided on how to play each game making sure foot traffic is being maintained throughout the event.

Contests. Different contests and tournaments in various forms of media such as arts, literature, dance, and music for you to bring out the potential of your talents and skills!

Night Party. Event doesn't end at 7. Bring out the inner party animal in you as we have our night party. Dance the night away and kick back with good company. Pump your fists to the beat of the music!

Are you ready to have fun in the Sun?  For the latest updates visit the FurryPinas 2019: Fun in the Sun Facebook event page.

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