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Featured Band: Neko Hunters

Bands which covers anime songs or even do their own composition and feature the Otaku scene like cosplay and anime are extremely popular in the Philippines.  In this article we will feature - NEKO HUNTERS.

We first met Neko Hunters as one of the contestants for Otaku Musika Festival 2018 at Tiendesitas in Pasig City.  They are definitely one of the best performers during the competition.  What caught us the most during their performance was their unique masks which can be related to Naruto's Anbu Mask.

Behind Neko Hunters

Their inspiration in their songs and style came from the various bands which they like like Man with a Mission, Gospel of Throttle, Aquabats, Hevisaurus, Sid Wilson, Steve Vai, and more.

Composing Neko Hunters are:
  • Vox - A.C.E /
  • Guitars - ACHIM
  • Guitars - GEMBOI
  • Bass - JYPSY
  • Drums - ROWELL
  • Turntables - DR. JACKAL
Formed October 2018, Neko Hunters is diverse in terms of musical influences yet united to create experimental music with rock fusion sensibilities.

Music Video of Neko Hunters

Check out this music video from Neko Hunters and let us all support them.  They ate planning a sequel to the video which will again incorporate cosplayers.  According to them the theme will be Naruto.

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