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Discover Team Oke Gakuen

Things are evolving and today, cosplayers are not the only main ingredients of Japanese inspired pop culture events since singers are now part of almost every event.  Let us discover TEAM OKE GAKUEN or popularly referred to as Team Oke.

Rise of the Singers

I remember way back in 2013 and 2014, when karaoke contestants in events were limited to just 5-7 contestants.  It was hard back then to make the singing competition something worthy of even becoming the main part of an event.

This perception changes when during Pinoy Otaku Festival (POF) 2014: Fantasm, a karaoke contestant was inspired and accepted the challenge of creating a group dedicated to singing.  That results in the founding of Team Oke Gakuen by Messi Chan Spears (not related to Britney Spears).

Team Oke Gakuen is a group/team consisting of amateur singers joining karaoke contest for Asian Music (Japanese, Korean, Taiwanese, Chinese, Filipino songs etc).

Team Oke Gakuen Inspires Singers

Since its founding in 2014, Team Oke Gakuen inspired a lot of amateur singers.  In fact, their own original members also improved a lot.  The spirit of friendship is very strong among its members despite the fact that they often compete with one another during competitions.

One of their members, Jhoenel Marques, recently won as Best Performance during the "Red-White Singing Contest" in Japan.  Other members of Team Oke are likewise winning awards in various competitions.

Team Oke Gakuen helped in leveling up singing competition during events.  Nowadays, contests like this commonly have a minimum of 15 participants and that is an awesome improvement.

To know more about Team Oke Gakuen please follow them on Facebook.

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