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New Online Community for Cosplayers - Cosplay League

There is a new online community for cosplayers that was just launched - COSPLAY LEAGUE, The website seems to be somewhat like Cure WorldCosplay but in some ways, it is also different.  The website aims to help cosplayers interact with one another, promote events and also do charity works.

How to Join Cosplay League?

If you are a cosplayer, you can register at www.cosplayleague.org.  There is certain information that you need to provide including cosplaying background.  You are also requested to provide some information about your personality so that other people will know you.

Once registered, just confirm your e-mail address and you are ready to log in.

Perks of Joining Cosplay League

Cosplay League aims to be a social media platform for cosplayers in the Philippines and internationally.  It also hopes to be a strong community where there will be friendly competitions, exchange of ideas and more.

In the Philippines, the website is connected to Cosplay Championship League (CCL).  CCL is a cosplay competition in which cosplayers are divided into categories such as Bronze, Silver, and Gold.  These rankings are based on earned points, the number of wins and their expertise.

"We generally got the idea from our guest cosplayer during Pinoy Otaku Festival (POF) 2018, Lorelei Hutchings that there is a need to divide cosplayers in competition to make it fair.  With this we also add our vision to come up with an international platform for cosplayers to meet and compete in a friendly competition" - Naruto Cosplayers PH (NCPH)

Aside from the above, as a member, you can also upload photos, create status messages, add fellow cosplayers, comment and also directly chat and message them.

In the future, there is a plan to provide points and then these points can be used to purchase items on an online shop.

Cosplay League is still in the alpha phase and they need our help to make the community better.  We invite you to join and register at www.cosplayleague.org.

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