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Lessons from Color Manila Cosplay Issue

It was with great relief that I read the apology issued by Color Manila organizers to the cosplayers affected by what seems to be a mishandling of some cosplayers.  When I am reading the post before, it was so sad that events like this did happen to cosplayers who went there pro bono and given such treatment.  Here are some lessons from Color Manila Cosplay issue.

Photo grabbed from Monty Mendigoria

Organizers Don't Know Everything

Judging from the Letter of Apology which was posted at Jerald Uy's website and the tone of the letter, it would seem the main organizer don't know everything that is happening at the event.  This is understandable since due to the sheer size and number of attendees it would be hard to know everything.

Lesson:  If you are affected by any issue which you think is unfair or not right, the best thing to do is immediately report this to the organizer.  Make sure that this person has a say in the event and knows your situation.  It would not help to keep quiet and just let is pass.

Cosplayers Should be Respected

Be it mascot or cosplayers they should be respected and given due care,  In an event like this which involves being in costume in the heat of the sun or the wetness of the rain ample shading should be provided.  Food and drinks should be accorded so that they will remain in top shape.

Lesson:  When inviting cosplayers, make sure that they are well taken care of.

Use Common Sense

When handling events we should be using common sense and empathy towards everyone involved in the event. Put yourself in the shoes of your partners and participants.  Will they be comfortable with this or with that and if the answer is no, then do not do it.  You cannot just put people in a closed van and expect them to be comfortable right?

Lesson:  Always put the welfare of others first in your events.

Admit Mistake and Make Amends

What is laudable with the management of Color Manila is their ability to admit their mistakes and make amends for it.  Not every organizer would go to that length of making a public apology and ensuring that they make up for it.  High five and a big salute to Color Manila for Doing this.

Lesson: Be ready to admit mistakes and make up for it.

Be Vocal and Speak Up

Lastly, to the group of cosplayers which voiced out this problem and speak out, I salute them.  Their aim is really not to give a bad light on the organizers but simply to give their side of the story.  They want the organizers to know what happened and to serve as something to learn from.  

Lesson:  Do not be afraid to speak out when you are right and make sure it is always constructive.

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