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Netizens Reacts to Hatsune Miku Cosplayer Music Video

Netizens react to a Hatsune Miku music video which was uploaded online.  The video of the cosplayer had already reached 200,000+ views as of the writing of this article.  It seems that this cosplayer is also the same person that was involved in the "20K" trending news.  However, it is right to bash her and react negatively?

Hatsune Miku Cosplayer Video

Watch the video below which is now viral on Facebook. Do you agree with the comments or should we just support the person and her ways of experessing herself?

Bashing vs Constructive Criticism in Cosplay

People would say that there are those which are bashing the cosplay video and the cosplayer.  What is the difference between constructive criticism and bashing?

Bashing are uncalled for remarks which focus on how the person looks and acts.  This is more personal in nature and does not include any suggestion for the person to improve or become better.

Constructive Criticism is a form of reaction which focuses on the content of anything.  This pertains to the medium uses, how it was done and in general, gives a recommendation on how to improve something. It does not focus on the person nor it contains personal attacks.

Commenting and giving feedback is good as long as it is constructive.  Whatever the person looks, we should be aware that whatever we say can have a lasting effect on someone.  Let us support a positive cosplay community.

Share us your views on this latest trend.

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