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Stop Making a Mockery of Cosplay!

I cannot help but write this post after seeing some recent cosplay photos and the message is simple - STOP MAKING A MOCKERY OF COSPLAY!  Sure you can cosplay anyone.  You can even genderbend and cross dress but personally, no one has the right to mock the character that he/she is cosplaying or even give injustice to the character.

Defining Cosplay

COSPLAY means Costume Play.  You choose a character and dress or become that character.  Cosplay is not about you becoming the character and making fun of the character.  It makes me sick to see photos of cosplayers who are not in character and are doing things that insult the character that they are cosplaying.

When you cosplay for example Hinata then at least be that character.  Do not do some lewd acts while in that character and worst post it on social media.  It is an insult to the character and moreover to the anime as a whole.

The history of cosplay in the Philippines is very rich and I hate to see it get ruined by people who just want to use this hobby for their own means.

Become a Real Cosplayer!

What are real cosplayers? Well, real cosplayers are those who:

  • Knows their character well.
  • Avoid issues in the cosplay community.
  • Can be in character while they are in cosplay.
  • Does not make a mockery or insult the character in public.
  • Does not make unnecessary and uncharacter wise poses in shoots.
  • Respects the character he/she cosplays.
Let us not contribute to making the cosplay community toxic, please.

I know that you can add more to this and we will really appreciate that.  Any addition to the list of what is a real cosplayer?

Thanks for reading and please share this article.

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