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PRC Orders Certification of Cosplayers

The Philippine Regulations Commission (PRC) in a statement released today issued an order to certify all cosplayers in the Philippines.  The agency in a statement made it clear that due to recent scamming, lewd and alarming incidents they decided to pass an order to regulate cosplayers in the Philippines.

PRC to Issue Guidelines and Certify Courses

The PRC in the said statement also said that they will issue guidelines and certify courses that will lead to be a "Certified Cosplayer."  Once a person passes the exam he can add the acronym CCP to his last name,  CCP stands for Certified Cosplayer.

The certified cosplayer will also be given an ID which will serve as a license.  Validity of the said CCP license will last for 3 years and is renewable.  Continuing education for all cosplayers passing the CCP will also be made available.

Certified Cosplayer? Seriously?

Well, as you all know the introduction ABOVE IS NOT TRUE AND WE MADE IT ALL UP for sarcasm sake.  I am wondering why there is a term as such that now exists.  How does someone becomes a "Certified Cosplayer"?  This is an issue which I cannot resolve in my mind up to the writing of this article.

If you have any idea on this matter and want to enlighten us then please leave a comment below.

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