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Philippine Cosplay Community (CosCom) is Toxic?

Is the Philippine Cosplay Community toxic? Why do people arrive at such an idea to call Philippine CosCom as such?

Recent Facebook statuses from both known and not so known personalities relate to the said toxicity in the Cosplay Community.  They talk about various incidents of perversion, scamming, and misbehavior online.  However, do all of these really make the community toxic?

What makes the Cosplay Community Toxic?

According to some posts these are what makes the cosplay community in the Philippines toxic:

  1. cases of scamming
  2. perverts
  3. famewhores
  4. gossipers
That's how I would summarize the various rants and posts that I have seen from various people I personally know.  If we look at it however, these 4 things are not only present in the cosplay community.  These problems are also rampant in every day life.

We can conclude therefore that THE COSPLAY COMMUNITY BECAME TOXIC BECAUSE IT BECAME MAINSTREAM.  Once it became part of every day life the focus and dedication becomes wider hence inviting all sorts of individual whose level of dedication and view varies.

Who makes the Cosplay Community Toxic?

The question then after finding out what makes the Philippine CosCom toxic is who made it toxic?  Who are responsible for such a condition of the cosplay community?

The quick answer to this is almost everyone.  If we do nothing but rant and blame people instead of promoting dialogue and improvement then we are part of the problem.  We can share scammers for the public to be aware and that is normal.  Scamming is present every where so it is a natural occurrence.

For things and issues however that can be made better and where people can just discuss it in private, we need to make improvements on this.  We need to initiate dialogue instead of flaming the discussion.  We need to add love instead of hate.  We are entitled to private conversations and opinion but we should not force everyone to our opinion of one person.

We need to do actions that will make the community better and less toxic.

Is the Philippine Cosplay Community Toxic?

YES IT IS!  The same as any other thing in life.  Work is toxic. School is toxic. Home is toxic.

The solution here is to have a different perspective and that is to have a positive outlook about life and the community.  Instead of focusing on the negative things why not appreciate the good things.  Instead of thinking negative why not contribute something positive.

If you are truly a cosplayer and someone who love the community then DO NOT ADD TO THE TOXICITY.

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