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A Sad Farewell to Hero TV

Although you can see posts of Animax in this blog it is with great pride that I would tell all of you that in my heart I love both of them.  Animax provides Anime shows in its Japanese sub format while Hero TV provides a version which is closer to our hearts - Tagalized anime.  It brought anime closer to everyone specially the masses.  I would say IF NOT FOR HERO TV ANIME AND COSPLAY WILL NOT BE LIKE WHAT IT IS TODAY.

It is a Sad Month for Anime

January 2018 will be remembered as a sad month for anime.  I never thought that I would see Hero TV suddenly end its broadcast like this.  This channel is the only channel which gives the chance to Filipino dubbers/voice actors.

Many Filipinos with the help of the likes of Voice Master Pocholo Gonzales realized their long time dream of voicing the character of their beloved anime.  If not for Hero TV we could not have understand more what each anime felt like as if they were one of us - Filipinos.

This January 31, 2018, after 12 years of airing on Cable TV - HERO TV will finally sign off. (The following photos are grabbed from AnimePH Facebook page)

Is this really the end of Hero TV and Tagalized Anime?

We would like to think that it is not.  ABS-CBN is probably streamlining its channel.  If you do not know yet there is a channel called Yey! This channel is the digital TV counterpart of Hero TV.

Yey!  also airs Japanese anime series and in addition also airs foreign cartoon shows most of them are Tagalized or Filipino-duubed.  Will this only be a moved to removed redundant channel and eventually make anime more available to everyone through the ABS-CBN TV Plus?

Animes that are already being aired on Yey! includes the following:

  • Samurai X
  • Major
  • Metal Fight Beyblade: Zero G
  • Naruto Shippuden
  • Power Rangers RPM
  • Halser Acre
  • Umaru Chan
  • Haikyu

Coming in 2018 are the following titles:

  • My Hero Academia (February 2018)

So is it the end of Filipino-dubbed anime and Hero TV?

The answer maybe NO because there is still Yey!  Hero TV is being laid to rest perhaps due to the redundancy of channels but between Yey! and Hero TV, I would choose the latter because BIDA KA RITO.

Editors's Note

I would like to personally thank Hero TV for all the support that they had given to our event.  Even though our events are just small and not as big they are very willing to support it and even give airtime on their channel.

The interviews I had with Hero TV will be treasured forever. 

I will miss you Hero TV!  Arigatou! Sayonara!  

Here are some of the ads and support that we are thankful for Hero TV.

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