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January 2018 Cosplay Event - TsuNAMIcon 2018

Start the year right and attend the first ever event of 2018 - PNU NAMI's TsuNAMIcon 2018.  This year's theme for the event is "Expanding the Horizon of JaPinoy Arts." The event will be on January 6, 2018 at Philippine Normal University (PNU) University Triangle from 10:00AM to 5:00PM.

‘Art’ itself comes in various branches: performance, visual, music, etc. PNU NAMI wanted to focus on presenting the culture of both Japanese and Filipino by means of Art. In this way, there will be awareness and appreciation among the Filipino people as well as foreign guests.

TsuNAMIcon 2018 Competitions

TsuNAMIcon 2018 gives everyone tons of things to do.  They have various line up which include Cosplay Competition, Drawing Contest, Original Pinoy Music Singing Competition, Spoken Word Poetry Contest, and their Guess That Anime Song Contest.

Here are the mechanics:

TsuNAMIcon 2018 Guests

Besides the events above they also have a good line-up of special guests where you will also learn a lot from.  Their guests are as follows:
  • Kuya Sawa (Kuya Omurice).  A college student, a chef, and a model. 
  • Mr. Aisaku Yokogawa. An interpreter, host, singer, song-writer, and a Japanese teacher.
  • Jayson Tabuzo.  A cosplay crafter and multi-awarded cosplayer.

Reminders for Attendees of TsuNAMIcon 2018

  • Bring any valid ID for entrance and security purposes.
  • Any weapon or alcoholic beverages is strictly prohibited.
  • Going inside any classroom or office without permission or not accompanied by marshals is not allowed.
  • Throw your garbage properly and DO NOT BE AN OTAKU TRASH. Practice CLAYGO (Cleas As You Go).
  • Join the BIG WAVE and have fun.
For more information about the event please visit the EVENT PAGE.

So are you joining TsuNAMIcon 2018?  We will definitely be there!

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