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Do Not Be An Otaku Trash!

We hate Otaku trash!  We hate cosplay trash! We hate trash in general!  Now, do not get us wrong for that notion but who would not hate scenarios in convention and events were there are tons of trash all around the place.  It is not really a good sight to see and THIS HAS TO CHANGE!  Do not be an Otaku Trash!

The Otaku Trash

This is not the super fanatic of anime, cosplay or anything of that sort but rather are people of different level.  You will actually not see them in events but only the things they left behind.  Let us show you a Facebook post that we encountered which properly defined what an Otaku trash is.

Are you an Otaku Trash?

Are you one of those people who will eat outside or inside of the convention and then leave them on the floor or just anywhere?  Are you one of those who will just have fun filling the place with your filthy trash?

This is not a laughing matter and this should change.  If you to events and conventions I am sure that you will see trash bins all around, you just need to look for them.  It is not a reason to say that the event is full of people and you cannot find a bin, just throw your garbage in the correct place and not on the floor, on a plant or sometimes at the back of an exhibitor's booth.

What to do in cases you see an Otaku Trash?

Most people will just rant, get a photo and then post it in Facebook.  Well, the best thing to do actually is to help maintain a clean event.  Why not get the trash and throw them at the right place.  This way you are doing the community a great favor.

So, next time you see an Otakku trash do the right thing and throw them.  Plus, DO NOT BE AN OTAKU TRASH YOURSELF.

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