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I have read a post on Facebook saying that it seems MNL48 is not following to its tradition.  It was a post which supposedly aims to correct what the real essence of the show and the search is because it seems to be too mainstream all of a sudden.  Are you disappointed with MNL48 on ABS-CBN too?

Why is MNL48 different?

What makes MNL48 different from the original AKB48?  First and foremost, I would say we are not Japan and will never be.  We should stop thinking that we could actually be like Japanese and live their culture, tradition and code of values because that would never happen for we are uniquely Filipinos.

You might have seen applicants for a slot in MNL48 who is a single mom, married, a KPop enthusiast, not that cute, someone who is clueless about Japanese culture, an ex-entertainer, and even someone who is seeking for fame and money.  So why are they even applying to be part of MNL48?

The thing is they are just trying their luck and who knows they might get accepted and have a new career and life.  Everyone deserves a chance right?

Share the culture and stop being self-righteous

MNL48 show telecast via ABS-CBN is a reality show.  It needs the ratings and the following so expect it to be something that will cater to everyone.  Those of us who are into Japanese culture should stop being self-righteous and instead share the culture more positively.

I believe that whatever the circumstance, looks and status of someone is, they deserve to have a chance at something they want.  It is up to the show and the judges to then accept or not her application.

Whoever gets chosen to be part of the Philippines very own Japanese pop-idol group, MNL48 let us just be supportive and proud.

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