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Cosplayers are dying at a young age, how to prevent it

It was a shocking incident. It was something that made me really sad during the day I heard the news that another cosplayer passed away.  Gone too soon at a young age, when there is a lot of good future ahead for such a young cosplayer, only to die due to Japanese encephalitis .

I am writing this article so that people will know how to protect themselves against this sickness.  How you should take care of yourself so that you will have good health always.

Disclaimer: This article is done in order to educate fellow cosplayers about the current health dangers happening nowadays.  It is not in anyway made for commercial purposes.  Ads are embedded on the site and are used to augment part of the cost of maintaining the website. Names of cosplayers are not mentioned out of respect.

Japanese encephalitis prevention

Japanese encephalitis (JE) is a disease spread through mosquito bites. Symptoms usually take 5-15 days to develop and include fever, headache, vomiting, confusion, and difficulty moving. Symptoms that develop later include swelling around the brain and coma. JE is a serious disease that may cause death.

The best way to prevent this is to contact your doctor or your nearest hospital and get a Japanese encephalitis vaccine now.  You can also protect yourself from mosquito bite by using off lotions and covering your body with protective clothing.  Also, maintain clean surroundings and prevent the development of mosquito habitats.

Caution for Cosplay Costume Crafters

Another cosplayer died due to complications from inhaling paints used in costumes.  If you are a crafter and will be using toxic chemicals like paint please use some protective covering for your nose and mouth.  There are very powerful chemicals in paint so better protect yourself from it.

In addition please avoid overworking and over exposure from chemicals used in costume making.  You can do this by taking a habit of having days off from such activities.

Be Healthy and Eat Well

If you are a cosplayer always eat well and eat healthy.  Do not take the habit of having to result to skipping meals because you will use the money to pay for your costume or pay for the entrance fee to a convention.

Remember that fastfood have the so called COSPLAYER MEALS which are very affordable.  I called them cosplayer meals because they range Php100 and below.  Be healthy please.

Remember that maintaining good health should be our priority as a cosplayer.  No amount of money or costume can ever replace that.  I hope that cosplayers will live a long life.

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1 comment:

  1. Thank-You for this article and Your blog.I was also sad and shocked about this much to early departure .We had a nice small chat at Cmania and a few pics . When I saw her mom´s and dad´s posts , it was very sad and very beautiful the same time .They invited her cosplay friends preferable in cosplay outfit for a last fare well .Amazing parents ...Some friend who attended , told me it was nice and she would have liked it.I answered her soul DID enjoy it .
    I could not say be bye - around 14 000 km far away.But I thought of her.
    Back to the health issue...What You wrote is very true ; on the other hand I think the chance of getting injured or killed in traffic is much higher .
    Take care of the cosplay community and Yourself .
    Cosplay and art makes Your great city even more wonderful ...
    Will try to come again in 2018 :-)


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