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What's In and Out of Collecticon 2017?

We had been to Collecticon 2017 as part of the media partner for the event.  Although, we are a media partner we are still entitled to say what is in our mind.  In this article we came up with WHAT's "IN" and "OUT" of the event which means what we really like about the event and what we see as something that should be improved.

Toys and Collectibles Booth

This is the best asset of Collecticon ever since.  You can find the rarest toys and collectibles here.  I bought a Mr. Satan figure for only Php450.00 and it is not a bootleg.  There is also a Batman authentic cosplay quality mask for only Php500.00.  Throughout the years Hobbyworx manage to maintain an event where buying toys and collectible is even better than Toycon considering the discount and the price of entrance tickets.

Auction at Collecticon

Auction was also a well admired part of Collecticon 2017.  The amazing types of items which you can buy for a fraction of the price is really amazing.  There were more than a thousand items in auction that day and I am sure everyone is happy about it.

Also Joel delos Santos aka Triggerman is the best auction host there is in all of the conventions like this in the Philippines.

Beer Drinking Contest

This is the first odd thing in the convention.  Although Heineken is their sponsor, I do not think that this is something that is connected to the theme of the event.  Similar events like them never had such thing although History Con has it.  What's the idea behind that?  We never know.

Models and Beauty Pageant

So what has it to do with Collecticon?  I really asked myself are we on a fiesta or something?  I understand that they have a partner production but come on, modelling and fashion ramp... no way.  It could have been better if they hold a toy or a comics or something while doing the ramp on stage.  I would have to agree though that the kids and the models are really cute and it add an entertainment value to the event.

KPop at Collecticon 2017

Although some would say this is an odd thing to be included in the event, I believe that since Collecticon is a toys and hobbies convention, KPop still falls under that direction.  It is also a welcome part since the crowd brought by this fandom is usually large in fact something greater than the cosplay crowd.

Where is the Cosplay Competition?

The Cosplay Competition despite being included in their poster is cancelled for this year.  Main reason is due to the low turnout of cosplayers in previous events.  Why?  Well, most of the time the date of their event coincides with another major event so that is the main reason.

Overall Rating for Collecticon 2017

I would give Collecticon 2017 a rating of 6/10.  It is not a bad event and in fact if you are a toy collector and hobbyist, you should never ever miss an event organized by HobbyWorx because you will surely find what you are looking for,.

As for the content and program during the event, it needs something more related to the event theme.  Collecticon is one of the pioneer events in the community and I hope to see it gets better in the future.

I hope the organizers will not get mad at me for saying my feedback on the event.  This is all constructive and objective in nature.

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