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Who is the Real Gamer Totoy?

Every veteran cosplayer would surely know who GAMER TOTOY is, but has anyone found out about his real identity?  Who is Gamer Totoy and why did he became so popular in the cosplay community?  What happened to him and where is he now?

Who is Gamer Totoy?

Gamer Totoy is the alias of a blogger who also runs a website by the same name - gamertotoy.com.  This website runs various stories about the cosplay community and most of them are really very controversial.

Friends become enemies and right becomes wrong while wrong becomes right in every article published in this site.  There are always a heated exchange of conversation where the usual topics turns to personal bashings and tirades.

It is said back then that if you are included already in Gamer Totoy's blog then you are one of the famous personalities in the cosplay and Otaku community in the Philippines.

Gamer Totoy today is nothing but a search website and a shadow of its former glory

What is the real identity of Gamer Totoy?

It is rumored that a group of people run Gamertotoy.com back then, however up to present no one really knows their identity.  It is also said that the usual strategy is to start comments made by their own stuff and necessarily make every post as flaming as possible.  I am sure that those who had been published in this website will know how totally hot every conversation is.

According to a website, Alodia Fans Club however, this website is run by a single person named "Nicolo Sanchez",  They have published a couple of pictures of the man behind Gamer Totoy which they dubbed as a tumor of cosplay in the Philippines.

The man allegedly behind Gamertotoy.com

The Positive Effects of Gamer Toty

Most of us dwell on the negative effects of a website like this but are there any positive effects.  I am sure there is.  Personally, I would like to say that through this website:

  • Cosplaying improved in a sense.
  • It provided an avenue to discuss controversial issues.
  • It made cosplay more popular.
How about you what can you say about Gamer Totoy?

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