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Otaku Expo (Ozine) vs Toku Spirits

We have read over the past few days two stories from two camps who alleges things against each other about a recently concluded event. Personally, it saddens me to see issues like this which taints the community.  Issues which are bolted out on social media to inform everyone but could have been settled offline and in a more personal level.  So what did happen?

The Otaku Expo Reload x Toku Spirits Issue

There were allegations from both the Toku guests and the organizers of the event, Otaku Expo Reload.  I will not dwell nor side on anyone but instead embed a post of their respective social media statuses.  Both of these are made publicly hence we are not deemed liable for the posting.

After reading this post, the organizers of Otaku Expo immediately responded.

In this exchange of statements it seems people are mostly against the organizers of Otaku Expo and Otakuzine.

Who is telling the truth, well since we are not actually involved with the issue not we know what happened we cannot decide on that.  Although, I would admit that I had a chance to talk to the wife of Red Mask before aout this Toku Spirits thing which she never got back to me maybe because they found a more suitable partner.

Otaku Expo Reload x Toku Spirits Issue Trolls

This is really the purpose of this article.  There are trolls and people who are jumping into the issue without consideration of other people.  I would like to site one particular post which calls events like cosplay, karaoke contest and others as trash.

Let me answer this troll:

  1. If there is NO TOKU SPIRITS there wil be NO AUDIENCE.  Definitely not.  Otakuzine events had many attendees since I began cosplaying.  I am a fan of Bioman, Shaider and the 90s Tokusatsu but I can also safely say that the fandom for them have slowly deteriorated and there are not much fans to support a big turnout.
  2. A "Jeje Convention".  He said this because according to him 80% of the booths are unrelated to the event.  We are not Japan and there are not too much booths that are related to this fandom.,  In order to break even for the cost of the event, organizers need to accommodate other booths which they think are indirectly related to the event.
  3. Activities are cosplay and stupid nonsense like eating contest and karaoke - TRASH!  This is what offended me the most.  I believe as many would agree that cosplay and karaoke contest are not trash.  People that join here put all the effort in excelling in their craft.  Beside these are directly related activities to any otaku and anime convention.
  4. Your market is so crappy they can't afford to enter your cons.  Calling people who can't buy tickets are crappy is way below the belf.  Yes, I agree that people who loiter outside of the convention should be lessened if not eliminated.  This can be done by lowering the cost of the event or creating a ticket price ladder to accommodate various spending participant level.

In Conclusion

  • Otaku Expo organizers and the management team of Toku Spirts should come into terms and settle things outside of social media to avoid escalation of this issue.
  • Otaku Expo organizers should find ways to better serve the community and their followers. 
  • Make the event affordable somehow to avoid loitering around.
It is not easy to organize an event but it is easy to ALWAYS THINK FIRST OF YOUR FOLLOWERS and make sure you serve them well.

By the way here is a related article regarding this issue which gives some of the details of what happened and also posts from the guests themselves - "Controversy Arises After the Conclusion of 2017 TokuSpirits Event."

Comments and feedback are welcome just put them in the comment section below.

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