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Are you ready to sing Japanese at Nihonfest 2017?

Victory Mall Food Market in Baclaran is shaping up to be another destination and venue for popculture events.  This coming April 23 it will be the venue for Nihonfest 2017, a Japanese-themed event which offers visitors a feel of things which are not present in other events.  One of such is a new Karaoke Competition dubbed as "YOUR COSPLAY SOUNDS FAMILIAR."  The competition is patterned after the popular show hosted by Billy Crawford, Your Voice Sounds Familiar.

Cosplay + Karaoke

Karaoke competition in recent years had become more popular than cosplay competitions.  Perhaps, the main reason is that singing is a lot more affordable than preparing for your costume.  What if Karaoke and Cosplay would be combined together?

Are you ready for the challenge?  The GRAND CHAMPION WILL RECEIVE Php1,000 in cash.  There are also tons of freebies for participants.

The rules of the competition is simple:

  1. Choose your favorite Japanese song which can either be from an anime, an official translation of an English song, or from your favorite Japanese artist.
  2. Instead of just singin on stage you need to cosplay either the character from the anime or show in which the song was used or impersonate the singer of the song.
  3. The judging is heavily based on vote voice quality and cosplay which consist 40%  respectively of the total score.

Your Cosplay Sounds Familiar at Yokocho Japanese Food Court

Your Cosplay Sounds Familiar will be held at the first ever Yokocho Japanese Food Court in the Philippines at Victory Mall Baclaran.  The food court serves you great Japanese food at very affordable prices.

Since November 2016, Yokocho Japanese Food Court provides visitors with Japanese cuisine from ten different Japanese food stalls.  Yokocho means "side of a main street."   The Karaoke competition is part of Nihonfest 2017 which aims to bring anime, manga, and other Japanese-culture fans to discover this new popculture venue.

For more information regarding Nihonfest 2017 do visit their Facebook event page at THIS LINK.

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