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Learn Cosplay Costume Making and Crafting from the Masters

Are you ready to learn cosplay costume making and costume crafting from some of the masters in the Philippines?  If you are then you better join CosCraft Individual cosplay competition which will be launched this coming May 20, 2017 at Pinoy Otaku Festival (POF) 2017 at Ayala Malls, Fairview Terraces.

Learn from your Cosplay Senpai

CosCraft launching will feature 4 initial judges who had made their mark in costume crafting in the Philippines.

ARNOLD LAREZA.  The father of one of the most awarded female cosplayer Bolen Lareza.  He is the man behind every robotic armor of his daughter which has won numerous awards.  Integrating Robotics and computer principles which he is teaching in school to costume is something that had been one of the pioneers in the Philippines.

JAYAR BUELOS.  The father of another multi-awarded cosplayer, Izaiah Luke Buelos. His masterpieces had won many competition and had also earned them a stint abroad.  Famous for blazing led lights and robot costumes, he had earned his mark as one of the best.

TOMAS JEFFERSON HERNANDEZ.  Known as Son Gokou of the Philippines and also the founder of Dragonball Z Warriors group.  Famous for his various Dragonball cosplays and wig styling plus epic costume.  He is not only a cosplayer and crafter but also a very good director of group skits.

MARK DANIEL TIPOZO.  Know for his cosplay as The Flash and also for doing various costume worn by Herbert Chavez and other famous cosplayers.  Some of his accolades includes costume like Wonder Woman, Suicide Squad, Superman, Batman and more.

These judges will select four cosplayers which they will mentor and partner for the next stage of CosCraft during POF 2018.

CosCraft as a New Level of Individual Cosplay Competition

Judges will not look for how well you created your costume or how well your costume is done.  Each of the judges is looking for someone who is willing to learn and can excel in cosplay.

CosCraft is basically an ordinary cosplay competition with a twist.  This is the best opportunity for newbie cosplayers and those who want to learn more as this gives more chance to them rather than to established cosplayers who can make the costumes on their own.

If you are selected as one of the 4 CosCraft Finalist, you will partner with a judge and learn from them in order to compete in the finals.

Here is a quick guide about CosCraft.

Register now and learn from your cosplay senpais at http://narutocosplayers.com/coscraft-launching-pof-2017/.

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