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Pinoy Otaku Festival goes to Fairview Terraces for POF 2017 Danketsu

Pinoy Otaku Festival is now on it's fourth run, being a festival that caters to the requests of fans and creating an interactive venue for attendees.  Pinoy Otaku Festival (POF) 2017: Danketsu will be held at Ayala Malls, Fairview Terraces on May 20-21, 2017.  The venue choice was a result of a question to fans where to help the next event after the successful AniMay Weekend in 2016.

Danketsu means unity and this year the organizers want to promote unity in the Otaku and pop culture community.  What 's new with Pinoy Otaku Festival (POF) 2017?  Here are some things which you should not miss this year.

POF 2017 is Free Admission

Our event is usually FREE ADMISSION.  Pinoy Otaku Festival is the only major convention which gives you a free entrance event because we know that money matters a lot to you.  The organizers is encouraging attendees to spend their money on the chosen charity for the event and the boots/concessionaires.

Bigger and Better Venue

Ayala Malls Fairview Terraces has a big activity center with a big stage that will enable you to perform the best you can.  It's built-in sound system and light is also very ideal for events like this.  This is perhaps one of the best venue that Pinoy Otaku Festival had so far.

Fairview Terraces is also very ideal for cosplayers considering its scenery and lush green environmental concept.

Lots of Interactive Games

This year POF 2017 organizers is ensuring that it will be an event that you will have lots of fun, interact with people and meet new friends.

Games from Organizations. Various Japanese-culture organizations will be joining the event and their booths will showcase selected games which you can participate. Some of the participating groups are The Otaku Philippines (TOP), Aishiteru Anime, Cosplayers of the Seven Lakes, and UP Manila OMAKE.

Hungry Meeples Japanese Games.  A board game cafe will also be joining the event together with their game guru.  You can play selected Japanese-inspired board games and learn them.  That's not all winners of the game will get a prize.

Tag Wild Game by Tag77.  POF 2017 partner TagCash will be bringing their Tag Wild Mobile App game.  Attendees just need to download their app to join in the QR code hunt and win various prizes.

Anime Game Challenge.  If you love Family Feud, Pinoy Henyo, Tribia and more then this is the event for you.  Organizations as well as random audience will get the chance to participate in on-stage games.

Workshops and Panel Discussions

Unlike previous POF events, this year there will be workshops and panel discussion.  Some of the workshops includes the following:
  • Basic Cosplay Photography and Video Editing
  • Basic Costume Making and Crafting
  •  Voice Acting
No less than the Voice Master himself, Pocholo De Leon Gonzales will be handling the Voice Acting Workshop, so this one is definitely something you should not miss.

There will also be interesting panel discussions wherein you can ask the guests regarding your questions regarding the topic.  Schedule panel discussions are as follows:
  • Eastern Western and Local Fandom: The Similiarities and Differences
  • Cosplaying in the Philippines
  • The Different Anime Genres: Yaoi, Yuri, and Harem 
  • How to Boost Winning Chances in Cosplay Competitions

 New Cosplay Competition Concept

Newbie cosplayers and crafters get a chance to learn from mentors.  Newbie cosplayers and crafters can have a chance to learn from mentor-judges in CosCraft.  During Pinoy Otaku Festival (POF) 2017: Danketsu, four cosplay crafters will judge and select the cosplayer which they will mentor and partner with during the CosCraft Finals in 2018.  Judges includes Tomas Jefferson Hernandez, Arnold Lareza, JayAr Buelos and Mark Daniel Tipozo. [REGISTER NOW}

A new brand of group cosplay.  CosSpoof is not just about having good costume, great sound effects and characterization.  This time you have to add humor and designate a dubber for your team to act as your voice during your performance. [REGISTER NOW}

Fantasm Random Wildcard.  Fantasm Cosplay Challenge will be having its finals on May 21 but you can still be one of the selected finalists.  Attend in your most realistic and best cosplay outfit during May 20 and 21 and the organizers might just include you as a Wildcard Competitor.  Don't forget to bring your BGMs.

Other competition for POF 2017: Danketsu includes Bandslam (Battle of the Bands), Ultimate Karaoke Battle, and Art Competition.

Toy and Collectors Exhibuit

Unlike previous events, Pinoy Otaku Festival for the first time will include various toys and collections exhibit.  Witness and have a photo taken with Jerry's Life Size Toys rendition of Voltes V, Astroboy and more.  Be amazed with the various depictions of Godzilla with the exhibit of Godzilla Collectors Philippines.  Other collections are also coming, so this one is something you should not miss.

Know more about Pinoy Otaku Festival (POF) 2017: Danketsu

These are just some of the things that makes Pinoy Otaku Festival (POF) 2017: Danketsu a must attend event. For more information, contest registrations and mechanics please visit the following:

 Hope to see you there!

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