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New Steins Gate Anime is Coming (with Teaser)

If you think it's all over for mad scientist "Hououin Kyouma", also known as Rintarou Okabe well it is not. A new Steins Gate anime series is about to be released perhaps next year and is titled as "Steins Gate 0.".  What will be the plot of this anime?  Read on and find out.

Steins Gate 0

Steins Gate upcoming anime i an adaptation of the spin-off visual novel having the same title.  If you had been playing this game then good for you.  The game had since been marketed as a "true sequel" to the series.

The visual novel was released December 2015.  Creation of the anime adaptation officially began March 28, 2015 via confirmation from Chiyomaru Shikura, executive director of Mages. Inc.  There is already a teaser episode dubbed as Episode 23 beta which explores a different ending for Steins Gate.

Steins Gate 0 Plot

Steins Gate new anime series will start in the Beta Attractor Field outside of the Steins Gate, which is November 2010.  What we will see is very similar as Rintarou Okabe embarks on a journey to save Makise Kurisu.  After his first attempt and discovery that he is the one who killed her, instead of making another journey he decided to quit.  He even go as far as abandoning his "Hououin Kyouma" persona.

There will be one accidental meeting which would change all of that.  while helping out at a university seminar, he meets Kurisu's professor and research supervisor, Alexis Leskinen, along with Leskinen's assistant, Hiyajo Maho. They allowed Okabe to be an official tester for their creation called "Amadeus".  This system stores the memory of a human and creates an emulation of that person.

What will happen when Okabe finally meets Kurisu's "Memories" held within the Amadeus system? They will again converse via a dedicated smartphone and might develop closeness like before.  How would he react to that? What would happen after?

More than just a sequel

Steins Gate 0 is more than just a sequel to Steins Gate.  It is not also just an anime rendering of the visual novel game.  Aside from Okabe's main plot expect other plot points including:

  • the labmems hold Christmas and New Year's celebrations to hearten and cheer Okabe up. 
  • The girls dress as Santa Claus and shrine maidens 
  • Attention is given to the story of Amane Yuki and Daru and their future daughter Suzuha. 
Another interesting plot is an incident which will happen as all the lab members are gathered together.  The incident is very similar to the time when Mayuri was killed.  But the main question is why would it happen when their current world no longer has the Phone Microwave?  Interesting right?

Catch new characters as well.  Among the characters that will be included are: Hiyajo Maho, Amane Yuki, Shiina Kagari; Fubuki (Katsumi Nakase) and Kaede Kurushima, Mayuri's cosplay friends; Alexis Leskinen; and Judy Reyes, a professor of physiological psychology.

Steins Gate 0 Teaser

Now without further ado, here is the Steins Gate Sequel teaser.  Note that this is part of the full episode, Episode 23.  We are only highlighting the scenes that are different.

We want to hear what you think about Steins Gate 0 Anime.  Share your views.

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