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What's the problem with the Cosplay and Otaku Community?

I was suddenly bombarded by messages from someone I know narrating to me his experience about cosplay.  He also told me about how his commissioned costumes were not done on time and how issues were made against him.  This is a common scenario that we now see in our cosplay community in the Philippines.  What is the problem with the cosplay and Otaku community in the Philippines?

The truth is that we have the most vibrant, most active and most dedicated people in the cosplay and Otaku community.  Filipino crafters make one of the best cosplay costumes in the world.  Our cosplay performances during competitions here and abroad are really amazing.  The community however, has some people who just went to cosplay due to the popularity and mainstreaming of this hobby.


There are a lot of people who just want to be famous,  They would try everything so that they can gather attention.  They would establish groups create events and tons of other attention getting activities in order to bring their career and recognition to the top of the ladder.

These people will get every opportunity in which they can have the exposure, the photos and the attention of other people.  This can be the person themselves or their immediate relatives, like parents for their kids.


More and more people are lacking commitment.  Commitment in meeting deadlines and in delivering what they promise.  There are some crafters and costume makers for example who would accept all the commission orders and then fail to deliver them on time.  They will then make excuses at the expense of their clients.

Pay Small but Expect Big.  

Some cosplayers would try to bargain costumes that they want and expect high quality output.  I am amenable myself that since I really don't have big budget for cosplaying I try to haggle the price but even though I want to have it in good quality, I always ask if the price is okay for them.  If they say no then I will always understand.  Creating costumes is not easy and you should understand that you will not only pay for the materials and the labor but also for the expertise and quality.

Too much issue.  

The community is currently being bombarded by too much issue from individuals who are ranting about many different things.  If someone is not contented they would just rant and post it in social media.  For some, I cannot blame them because if they talk to the person directly they would just be ignored.

The All Knowing Otaku

There are also those who seems to know everything.  Even if what they are saying is no longer right they will still claim that they are right.  People who want to always be on the top and to always give information.  These are the people who would talk about every anime or Otaku trend and will bash those who do not know about it.

The Perverts and Relationship Seekers

There are also those who would suddenly cosplay or join a group because they are looking for their relationship goals.  There are also those who would take the opportunity to bring in their perversion and look for susceptible victims who would fall prey to their dirty schemes.  Sometimes people who would ask for just ask for a friendly advise would be invited to places you would never expect.  Be careful who you share your secrets with.


Whenever something goes mainstream let us be prepared for scammers.  These are people that will offer services but will either run with your money or deliver a service that is of poor quality.  I am sure that you might have heard or already experienced this in your life as a cosplayer or an Otaku.  These happens commonly in costumes, toys and others.  Remember before paying or agreeing to anything to have a written agreement or prefer meetups.

Do you know of other problems with the cosplay and Otaku community in the Philippines please do share it with us.

Do you want to suggest any solution to these problems?  Let us know as well.

I am hoping that issues like this will not affect the community and we should all unite to make it better and a worthwhile community for all.

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  1. You let others make your costume? I thought cosplayers make their own costumes? And this is the basis how skillful a cosplayer is. I'm investing on a good sewing machine and a rotary tool. Others making my costume? I cant have that :)

    1. You have a point and this might be a basis on how a cosplayer is skillful for you but I guess you should also consider that NOT ALL cosplayers who are really into this kind of hobby has the talent or time in making their own costumes. For an instance, I myself am looking for MTO costume shop to make a certain costume for me (for reasons like 1) I am not as crafty as others and 2) I am working my a** off to have money and help my family)

      Cosplayers, especially students and working people have less time leads them to look for shops. Or maybe they don't have the capability to be that crafty.

      But being able to craft your own costume is very convenient because you know what to do and what to make. But well, if everyone is a crafter, then MTO cosplay costume shops will not be in-demand for cosplayers, right? :)

    2. Thanks for your comment. The definition of cosplay itself or costume play does not include that he/she should make the costume herself. It only says costume play or the act of wearing the costume and acting out the character.

      Yes, my costumes are done by others but for me it does not define how skillful I am or other cosplayers are. If I have the time and the talent I would love to make my own costumes but honestly I do not have such skills. What, I have however is the ability to bring those characters to life in which some costume makers also fail to do so. We all have out talents and capabilities. Besides what defines a skillful cosplayer is subjective defending on who is looking at it.

      Again thanks for your comment.


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