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Janice Hung's Harley Quinn and Psylocke

Photo credit to https://www.facebook.com/janicehungwushu

We enjoy seeing a lot of good cosplayers but when known celebrities like Janice Hung joins the cosplay scene we are awed of who she can be.  Janice Hung is a Wushu champion for the Philippines and also a singer and model.  This time we will show you 2 of our favorite cosplay from her.

Janice Hung as Psylocke

Psylocke is one of the X-Men characters that I personally love.  She is very cunning and very deadly.  Her moves are not easy to copy if you will cosplay her.  Now, let us see if Janice did well in her cosplay as Psylocke.

So what do you think?

Janice Hung as Harley Quinn

A lot of people nowadays are cosplaying Harley Quinn.  This anti-hero is cunning, seductive and a true psycho.  Can Janice fit in a character like this?  We just saw some snippets of her cosplaying as Harley but we really like it.  During APCC Manila 2016 we shoot some video and we will share that to you soon.

Now here is a video with Janice Hung as Harley Quinn.

How do you like that?

For more videos and other adventures of Janice Hung you can visit her YouTube channel JaniceHung TV.

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