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Cosplay Tips: How to become a famous cosplayer

Are you a cosplayer?  Do you want to become famous?  What do you need to do to become a famour cosplayer?  If you want to become famous as a cosplayer then here is another edition of our COSPLAY TIPS.  These are based from my personal experience and I am writing this to help you/  Read it, understand it, live by it and you will become a famous cosplayer.

Why do you want to cosplay?

When you are about to decide to cosplay or when you are cosplaying have you thought the reason why are you cosplaying in the first place?  Did your friend tell you that you look like a certain character and it would be cool for you to cosplay that character?  Have you heard about famous cosplayers like Alodia, Ashley, Myrtle and Luie Aquino and you want to be like them?

Your reason will determine if you will become a famous cosplayer or not.  A real cosplayer would cosplay because he/she wants to bring to life a certain character.  That person needs to unerstand the character and when cosplaying should entertain and amaze the audience.

It is not wrong for you to want to be famous.  Most of us really wanted that attention, however, if that is your sole reason for cosplaying then you will never achieve your goal.  All of the cosplayers I mentioned earlier never aspired for that when they started cosplaying, they just want to cosplay.

The Secret of the Famous Cosplayer

For the first time, I will share with you the secret of cosplayers who have achieved that sort of being known and famous.  It is not about their looks nor about showing their boobies or anything.  Let me make a list of these so called secrets:

1.  Choose your character wisely.  Having tons of characters cosplayed is not the real thing in being a cosplayer.  It is about choosing the character that fits you.  A character that fits your personality, your looks and your build.  I am not saying that you should not cosplay characters that are not your build but the key here is why would I cosplay this character and would I give justice if I cosplayed this character.  It is about respecting the character.

2.  Bring the character to life.  When you cosplay you are not just someone who wears a costume because you should become the character.  Bring that character to life and act like the character.  When speaking to other people, make them feel like they are talking to the character that you are cosplaying.  However, do not over act, know your limits.

3.  Have fun.  Most cosplayers nowadays forget to have fun.  Enjoy your character, enjoy the event and just have fun.  If you are joining a competition just be there to entertain and give your best.

4.  Compete to win.  If you join a competition always compete to win.  I am not literally saying that your full aim should be in winning but if you enter a competition your goal should always be to give your best.  It is a competition and in a competition you should aim for the top and if you lose then at least you give your best.  Never feel sorry or bad, after all cosplaying is again about having fun.

5.  Drop your ego.  Whatever fame, applause or compliment you receive let these never affect you.  Always stay humble, friendly and outgoing.  Do not feel that you are higher and elite compared to other cosplayers, always be the same and inspire.

6.  Inspire the community.  Whatever achievements you have help other cosplayers, inspire the community.  Share your knowledge with them and be an example.  Whenever you see new cosplayers offer your friendship and offer a helping hand.

Being famous is not just about being on television or having many rackets and invites.  You can be famous in many ways.  If people gets reminded of your name when they think of a particular character then you have achieved your true goal as a cosplayers.  If your character is even more popular than you are and people call you by that name then you have achieved something.

Cosplay is a hobby and as a hobby it should always be savored with our passion and dedication.  It should be something to relieve our stress and give us fun and not the other way around.

I hope this article helps.  If you have other tips to add please do share it in the comments section.  We would be happy to read about it and I am sure many would also benefit from it.

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