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HOT TOPIC: "The Current Generation of Cosplayers are NOT ACHIEVERS!"

"The problem today about the current generation of cosplayers is that they are not achievers!" This statement was given by someone who is also active in the cosplay community and had been organizing events that we believe are helpful to the community.  For us it is shocking to read and know that he believed it that way.

When I started cosplaying in 2010, I would admit that the community is a bit better - there as less rants and less issues.  Perhaps this is because cosplay was not that mainstream during that time and then as time passes by presto cosplay is like hot chocolate and everyone likes to cosplay.

From at least 5 events a year to as many as 10 events a month today, cosplay had changed a lot.  The question however is does it make a difference?  Are the generation of new cosplayers not achievers?  How do you define the word "achiever"?  Is it in terms of the cosplay community or as a person in general?

Each cosplayer is a unique individual and should be given due respect.  Saying a generalized statement like this is like degrading an entire generation of people who loves the hobby and who are part of a large community.

Personally, whoever said this should also ask himself if he is also an achiever and why would he tell such a statement.  I do not want to dwelve on more issue or to name the person who said this because I believe that all of us deserves to be better.

Now, let us ask you, "DO YOU BELIEVE THAT THE CURRENT GENERATION OF COSPLAYERS ARE NOT ACHIEVERS?"  Share us your view and feedback.

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