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DC World Record Event: The Good and the Bad Part 2

Sometimes we need to write about something so that things will be better the next time around.  This is the reason why we published, DC World Record Event:  The Good and the Bad last April 24.  In that article we revealed some of the shortcomings which we were made to believe were made by Pacific Licensing and Creatif Events, however, it seems there are more to it that what we expected.
Let us resolve some of the issues which had been presented during Part 1 of DC World Record Event:  The Good and the Bad:
  • About the delay in prizes.  Pacific Licensing clarified that they were ready to disburse all the prizes during the day itself of the finals, however, Creatif Events failed to give them necessary documents including Acknowledgment Receipt and other required documents to disburse the payments.  Pacific Licensing also noted that the organizers did not even bother to create an orderly claiming of the prizes but instead it had been a chaotic claiming made by the winners themselves.  This could have been better if the events organizer had performed their job well.
  • Claiming of prizes for leg winners. Prizes for leg winners should have been claimed during the date of the leg itself, however, Creatif Events morade their own decision to let the winners claim the prize during the finals.  This is probably because the events organizers are worried that some of the finalists would not show up during the finals.  Pacific Licensing clarified that the funds for the prizes are ready to be claimed and the decision to postpone the claiming up to the finals was not their decision.
  • Judges score sheets.  Pacific Licensing informed me that the reason why she approached us during the judging and selected some specific contestants because some of the cosplay competitors were actually event seeders.  Meaning they had been invited by Creatif Events to make sure that there would be competitors.  They said that the intention was just to give chances to those who are not seeders.  After telling however that judges scores should have been preserved, the fault was admitted as something that should not have been done.
  • Brand Ambassadors mishandling.  Creatif Events insisted that it was pacific Licensing which changed the plan regarding this however, Pacific clarified that the plan was clear from the very beginning, it was Creatif which decided to get their own brand ambassadors and later on was not able to inform us of the situation.  There were even reports that the actual brand ambassadors itself and some staff were not even accorded with food and proper treatment..
It would be clear that Creatif Events is mishandling the event and doing things wrong.  In order to save their reputation as an events organizer they might have seen Pacific Licensing as the party to blame. 

DC Superheroes line up as the official world record count begins
Here are some information that we have additionally gathered from reliable sources:
  • Bloggers mishandling.  Beside what we have written already, we were given the information that someone was previously assigned to handle the bloggers and the page for the DC World Record PH, however, that point person was suddenly removed from the loop by the events organizer.
  • Score cards were not followed during the finals.  We had been informed that score cards were not also followed during the finals.  Our data however regarding this is very limited since the person and his source would not like to be involved, however, the sources are very reliable.
  • Failure to count and coordinate with Guinesss.  Creatif events likewise failed to do their job by making the count during the event and until now they cannot be contacted so that they can give the requirements needed for the world record recognition.
It is indeed unfortunate that things like this would really happen in such a big event like this.  Creatif Events should have resolved the issue first hand and avoided throwing the blame at other people. We are publishing this so that organizers and others would know that at some point things need to come out in public so that things like this would be prevented in the future.

It was a successful event and DC World Record Philippines indeed achieved what it was organized for

Do you have any comment or feedback?  Do you want to add anything?  Just add a comment and we will be glad to read about it.

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