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Sci-Fi Café: The Ultimate Haven for Cosplayers, Collectors and more

Sci-Fi Café at the 4th Level of Robinsons Galleria in Ortigas is a very unique place.  It is the first time that I had been to such a place where you seem to be inside an out of this world place and yet you will enjoy the ambiance of a great food establishment.

There were tons and tons of toys collections inside and outside of the café.  You can see authentic toys from Star Wars, Alien, Predator and various other Marvel and DC superheroes as well as some movies.  The ceiling is decorated with Star Wars space ships, a whole armada as I would put it.  At the counter you would see autographed photos of movie actors, there is one photo of Superman signed by the late Christopher Reeve himself.

Here are some of what you would see at Sci-Fi Cafe:

The food is very tasty.  They have an array of food to choose from and they come with a very unique name, fit for Sci-Fi Café as an alternative and cosy venue.  Prices are a little bit expensive but it is worth every penny due to the experience and taste.  You will enjoy your meal watching superhero movies.  When we were there Iron Man 3 and Thor 2 was showed on the screen.
Let us take a peep at the menu:

For those who want to experience cosplaying and even dine at Sci-Fi Café in cosplay well you can experience it here.  They have a collection of ready to wear cosplay costumes.  Some of the costumes include those from Harry Potter, Batman, Joker, Wonder Woman, The Flash and many more.  If you are into more fun, you can even try interchanging the cosplay props and come up with something unique.

You can also interact and play with some of the huggable toys there like the crazy bear Ted, or have a chat with Yoda or that guy from Monsters Inc.  You can even play father and son tandem too.  This is very funny indeed.

For those looking for a great experience, a fun time with the family or just want to try out something new, then do visit the Sci-Fi Café. For more information please visit the Sci-fi Cafe Facebook page.

For us we really have fun during our stay at the place and here is the rest of our photo together with some of the coolest people I have known.

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