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Toycon 2013: The Master Pogi (Mr. Satan) Experience

Toycon 2013 for me would probably the best Toycon ever and the best convention for this year.  It was the first time that I also attended the event for three straight days and that is thanks to 99.5 PlayFM, Reimaru Files and Back2Gaming!  I was asked by them to be one of the guest and hosts for the Battle Arena booth for Toycon 2013 and to my surprise it turns out as the most memorable and tiring experience yet in my cosplay career.

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It was the first time I ever hosted a gaming tournament and the more difficult part her is I am cosplaying as Mr. Satan aka Master Hercule aka Master Pogi.  He is not a very serious person and added to that is the fact that I have not played any other gaming console besides PC for the last couple of years.  So I just brazed myself for what would happen.

For the first day of Toycon 2013, June 14 I just wen there to check out on the booths and also get a feel of what I am to do the next day.  Of course no one did mind me a lot except for the people at Global Filipino Classifieds, then my good friend Faith at Cubizone and Sir Bob Reyes from Mozilla Firefox.  There was free Cole as well, so well I had a taste of Happiness there.  I was amazed with all the toy displays more particularly the humanoid robot and wow it even did a Gwiyomi rendition.

On the second day, June 15, Saturday I went there around 10:30am.  I checked out the booth of 99.5 PlayFM, leave my things and get dressed as Master Pogi.  Well, I do my own make-up and the killer mustache.  To my surprise, the mustache was not very balanced but it went ok.  I have not managed to do my side hairs because that I cannot do on my own.

My oh my when I went out the comfort room, I can hardly moved.  People instantly recognize Master Pogi, and my jolly attitude added to the fact that he was a very likeable character.  I would never say "NO," when someone asked to have a picture when I am in cosplay so everyone had the chance.  This is also the main reason why I seldom go in costume when I am handling events, I don't want someone to say that I am a snob.

I went in and got to 99.5 PlayFM around 1Mozilla 1:30 am and I invited people to sign up for the Street Fighter tournament and well also had some photos with the people around there.  Went to Coke and do some photos as well and also I was asked to go to the Mozilla Firefox booth and Sir Bob Reyes took some shots and uploaded it on the net.

Around 2pm the start of the Street Fighter Tournament began and I began being the commentator for the tournament.  It was a hard task but I did my best, used wacky commentary an just played as the Master Pogi everyone knows.  It is cool to know that people appreciated what I am doing eventhough I am trash talking some of the players.  Well, what can you expect from Masteran and Harley  Pogi.  At some point I became conscious because the sound system of the booth where even louder than the main stage.

Beside the Street Fighter tournament, I also made commentaries on the Beat the Batman Tournament for the Injustice Game.  Well, Batman was not invincible and he was beaten twice I think by Superman and Harley Quinn, if I remember it correctly.

Oh boy I am hungry after that, and well people still asked me for photos even when I was eating and on a break but it's okay.  It was fun to pose as Master Pogi and do wacky stuffs with the character.  In fact, I was not bothered at all.

The last day of Toycon 2013, Sunday, June 16 was Father's Day so I went there with my three kids.  Thanks to Chad of Reimaru Files and Sir Bob Reyes for the free tickets so my kids did got access to the event.  Also thanks to Meanne Jabson and her friend for taking care of my daughter while I went on cosplaying that day as requested of course.  It was more tiring than Saturday since there were tons and tons of people wanted to take photos.  I think there was more than 500 people who asked me to have a picture with them that day.

Master Pogi vs Vegeta

International cosplayer Jerry Polence astounded by Master Pogi's chest hir

Master Pogi and Rhianna Floresca at the Mozille Firefox Booth

Blogger Mike Abundi, Master Pogi, Jerry Polence, and JD D'Angelo (my eldest son)

The Z Warriors
The Super Twins, Ferrari and Emerson Lacson

It was also a great experience since I am able to be with the Z Warriors and enjoy sometime with them.  Gokou's new costume was great and I also missed the other characters.  That, Sunday, it is as if the Dragonball anime had come alive.  I even met Maroon Cruz, the Animax Ani-mate finalist and she had a photo with us.

Later that day, I once again visited 99.5 PlayFM, Mozilla Firefox and Coca-Cola.  Well, I did missed out the Dragon Nest booth which I really have plans to go and had a video with me playing Dragon Nest and Avatar Star... well maybe next time.

I also had wonderful time with Near Fetalvero who is cosplaying Tony Starks and well the very famous Chent who calls himself as "The Cosplay Prince."

Near and The Cosplay Prince with Master Pogi

Toycon 2013 was a great event and it was so much fun.  Being there with my kids on Father's Day and also with the Naruto Cosplayers PH (NCPH) Media Team was a total blast.  Of course I hope that NCPH members could be more bonded during events like this but since most of us are busy it seems to be one hard task.

That day, I was also lucky to have a photo with my idol and Animax Ani-mate Rhianna Floresca plus I have a group shot with the members of the National Cosplayers of the Philippines and I even hold their banner.  Well, this is a friendly community so we should all be friends right?

Thanks to Collectibles Unlimited for this successful event and also for putting up something as great as this.  For those of you who are asking why I did not join the Cosplay Competitions and Hero Face Off, w well, I guess the enjoyment of seing people smile is one thing which I always treasure and a prize far more than anything eles.

Congrats Toycon 2013!

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