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Hunter X Hunter Movie: Phantom Rouge

Here is perhaps one of the coolest and amazing updates for fans of Hunter X Hunter.  Just recently the official website for the Gekijō-ban Hunter × Hunter: Phantom Rouge film opened and began streaming a teaser trailer for the first ever Hunter X Hunter Film.  The said film will revolve around the character of Kurapika, who is seen by many as one of the strongest characters in the anime series.

For those who already know the story of Kurapika this will be an interesting one because you might realize that you do not know all of it yet.  Gekijō-ban Hunter × Hunter: Phantom Rouge film is said to be a drmatic-action film with a completely original story.

You will also see the appearance of the famous Phantom Troupe which are also called as the Geneiryodan.  They are the group of skilled Hunters and assasins who Kurapika is seeking revenge on for killing all of his Kurta clan mates.

Gekijō-ban Hunter × Hunter: Phantom Rouge film is opening on theaters in Japan on January 12, 2013.  You can visit the official website at http://hxh-movie.jp/.

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