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(Article by NCPH Media Blogger Geo Ann Golangco)

Make way for a complete hardcore cosplayer! RB Cheng is a veteran cosplayer specializing in the fields on prop-making, character designing, and mecha cosplaying. He had started in the year 2005 as Dracten Insectoid from Dracten. In the complicated universe of props, armors and mecha, RB Cheng will be sharing with us who or what pushed him to cosplay such unique costumes.

RB Cheng

Who got you into cosplaying?
Alodia Gosiengfiao and Lenfried (Popular Japanese cosplayer)

What’s the most difficult part in costume-making?
Well, the most difficult part is that most of my cosplays are different, first time to be done and not really common to the community. So I don’t really have a reference on how to tie the wings, the shoulders, and the backpacks. It’s basically the designing and planning of the costume.

How about the most difficult part in preparing for a photo shoot or for a convention?
First of all, I check the event if it’s easy to access, or if I have a special reason to attend and then I check if I have a certain amount of budget to use. I also check if the cosplay has a pre-registration or on-site. Usually, I choose the cosplay I’m going to do on the same week or the day before the event.

How do you manage your time in balancing between cosplay and work or school?
It’s quite easy since I attend 3-4 days of school, and my weekends are free so I do my cosplays in the weekends and I could attend conventions too.

What are your bases in choosing a character to cosplay?
My basis is that the character firstly, no one has done it internationally. If it’s not applicable, at least it could be the first in the Philippines. I also think of something new for the character like the wings or the gun has lighting in it so there would be something unique about the character.

Out of all of the characters you have cosplayed as, which character can you relate to the most and why?
Actually most of them are unique, right? So for me, I don’t want to join on bandwagons. So I don’t pick characters that are common like heroes.

What do you think the relationship be between a photographer and a cosplayer?
For cosplayers, they should know how to pose and be in character. For photographers, it’s good that they know something about the character so he could take great shots, and I prefer that they tell the cosplayers on what poses they should make so that they could get the better shots faster.

Do you have any tips for those who’d like to take on cosplaying?

- Pick the character you like/love/know well.

- Put your best effort into producing and cosplayer it. As much as possible, don’t debut it if it isn’t done yet.

- You have the freedom and responsibility to choose your character. There are a lot of characters which can’t be the only one you like. If it won’t fit you, don’t force it. If you really love the character, you'll respect it.
- Remember to have fun. If you're not enjoying it, better stop. Cosplay takes time money and effort but in the end its will all still be worthwhile

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