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COSPLAY TIPS: Respect and Cosplay Politics

I was disappointed with the recent developments in the cosplay community.  Just when we thought that costumes are getting better and competition are definitely getting more exciting her comes coslplay politics.  I will always remember what Sir Pablo Bairan said during my interview at Best of Anime 2012.  In summary he said that respect should always be maintained and that everyone in the community should be treated  as a friend and should be thankful for them.  However, with what's happening it seems that some would go the distance just to win and get the large cash prizes during competition.
Previously I thought that this was just rumors but several events and stories from various people made me realize that this indeed is happening.  Some people due to their own reasons be it legit or not will do everything to win and get the coveted cash prize destroying in the process the very essence of cosplaying and the main purpose of the event.
Why did I put this topic in COSPLAY TIPS?  The logic is simple.  If you are aspiring to be a cosplayer first and foremost remember to do it because you like it and do understand the intricacies of it.  Do not ever do it because you want to be famous or to win prizes and augment your financial needs because in the end you will crave for it and even result in doing all sort of things just to get what you want.
People in the community exert every possible effort be it armor, mecha or cloth cosplayer... after all it is costume play.  Each cosplayer at least those who really deserved to be called as one also deserves the respect from everyone.  Respect in the sense of following rules of events and competitions and not just bending it just to satisfy your own greed.  Be happy for whoever will be the winner but be vigilant and stand firm if you feel there are violations and unfairness.  Get the attention of the organizers in a nice way and then speak out during the event... not be silent during the event and speak out after.
Respect is given to those who shows respect to others and if you disrespect the community do not expect that the community will respect you as well.  \Bad cosplay politics is one of the bad sides not only of cosplay but of the world in general and I say bad because in general politics per se is not bad.  We play politics everyday but make sure that is is good.
Things like this should not be allowed to prevail for cosplay should remain a fun and happy community where cosplayers enjoy together as one family.  To those who are tainting cosplay because of their bad politics I say, SHAME ON YOU!

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