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DEVANGELIC SHOP: The story of passion, creativity and abuse

"I just hate Devangelic Shop!" Some people would definitely dare say that to a great shop like DEVANGELIC SHOP.  Why you might ask?  Well, perhaps what they like was not followed or what they want to happen was not met.  What's behind this attitude and what's behind Devangelic Shop really never deserve any bad words at all.

Spawn by Devangelic Shop
Ate Marie is perhaps one of the most understanding people I ever met.  Yes, I know my Spawn costume was not fully done but hey come on that is a courtesy from them and whatever happens I know and I should always know that business takes priority.  I never did argue with them about that.  Why?  It's simply because I understand that Devangelic Shop and Ate Marie is not just about earning money buit more of how they can improve the cosplay of the person whose costume they are making and in the end make the cosplay community better.

You may ask, "so you are making this because they are your sponsors or they help you?"  Boldly, I would say hell no.  Even if someone is our sponsor I would not write a positive thing about them or more than that if it is not true.  The thing is with what I have seen with Devangelic Shop, they deserve all the credits and all the praise.

Costume wise, Devangelic Shop is one of the most considerate.  They would even go to your place when asked and mind you they are not charging additional cost for transportation most of the time.  They are also very kind in accepting commentaries about the costume they made and accept faults whenever there are in the costumes they make.  Of course you should say that in the proper manner and not just lambast them or ask them to do something just to please your ego.

Storm Shadow by Devangelic Shop
I am a witness to tons of the costume they make, and I know not all of the parts are made by them because they also ask the help of other people in the community specially when it comes to weapons and stuff but the good thing is they took the whole responsibility for the costume.  While doing this they also earned a lot of both good and bad comments.  They are often blamed for non-delivered costumes were in fact is not their own fault but out of pure professionalism they would face the wrath of every customer with humility.

Sometimes however, humility is not always about letting things go.  I admire them when they speak out loud on their page both to apologize and talk about their frustration.  Through this post a lot of us in the community learns more on how to be professional and how to deal with costume makers and providers.

Bottomline, if you are looking for one of the best shops there is for cosplay that will understand you as a cosplayer then one of the best choices is Devangelic Shop.  I am not saying that they are the best because every shop has their own specialty and expertise but they are worth considering for your cosplay needs.

Kimono by Devangelic Shop
Black Widow by Devangelic Shop

To know more about Devangelic Shop just connect with them through:
Devangelic Shop owners with a Barack Obama cosplayer
Photo by Kallein Donne Xavier
Thanks for reading and kudos to Devangelic Shop for being part of the cosplay community!

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