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COSPLAY EVENT: All-Star Animetics at The Pergola

Cosplayers from Manial South would be surely delighted to know that there will be a cosplay competition at The Pergola Mall in Paranaque City entitled ALL-STAR ANIMETICS AT THE PERGOLA.  This is an all-star cosplay competition and is open to all interested.  

Cosplayers will compete in 5 categories namely MALE, FEMALE, MECHA, CHIBI, and COMICS CHARACTER.  For those who would be joining they have an ONLINE REGISTRATION HERE.  

Each category winner will receive P1,200 in cash.  The criteria for judging the winners are:
  • Craftsmanship (40%) - creativity and innovativeness in use of materials and in costume construction
  • Performance (30%) - execution, acting and ability to stay in character
  • Accuracy (15%) - faithfulness and closeness to the character compared to the reference photo
  • Overall Impact (15%) - total look, presentation and audience impact.
The event venue will be at the Ground Floor, The Pergola Mall, Aguirre Ave., BF Homes Paranaque City.  Event starts at 3pm.

For more information about this event do VISIT THE ALL-STAR ANIMETICS AT THE PERGOLA.

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