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Rurouni Kenshin (Samurai X) Live Action Showing Moved Indefinitely

Movie Punch and SM might have just played a marketing strategy over everyone of us who want to watch the Samurai X Live Action movie.  After sending a viral Facebook photo and status announcing the showing of Rurouni Kenshin Live Action on October 17, they later removed the image and said that it was yet to be confirmed.

Movie Punch, the film production which had been the most interested parties to acquire showing rights to the movie in the Philippines even said that it was SM's own move to announce the showing even though they know that there was nothing final.

The move by SM indeed created confusion as to the real status of the film release in the Philippines.  According to reports Movie Punch and Pioneer Films are still in negotiations for a Philippine wide release of the film on all cinemas.

If you go to the Facebook page of SM Cinemas you will see a lot of queries about the movie.  However,  the latest word from SM Cinemas is that the screening had ben moved indefinitely.  This confirms my previous hunch that it is all a marketing move to test the profitability of getting the rights to show the movie.  After all the rights is said to be expensive.

When will it be shown is yet unknown.  So to all fans out there of Rurouni Kenshin better have more patience.

Comments anyone?

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